Boiler Servicing

It is important that you have your Boiler (and all other gas appliances) inspected and serviced annually, in accordance with the manufactures’ servicing instructions.  This will ensure your Boiler is operating as safely and efficiently as possible.  Also, the majority UK Boiler manufactures usually stipulate, in order that any warranty be valid, evidence must be available which shows that an annual serving schedule has been maintained.  Having your Boiler serviced annually will also of course, greatly reduce the risk and inconvenience of untimely breakdowns.

Our 11 Point Gas Boiler Service includes the following checks:

  • Check boiler installation meets the current standards.
  • Fire and test boiler, check controls, and to identify any working faults.
  • Remove boiler casing to inspect internal components (burner, heat exchanger, actuator, sensors, electrodes and seals).
  • Check expansion vessel and recharge as necessary.
  • Check safety valve and condense trap and clean as necessary.
  • Check gas standing and working pressures are correct.
  • Check all CO/CO2 emissions are in accordance with the required specification.
  • Check flue and flue terminal and satisfactory provision of all necessary ventilation.
  • Test flue flow to ensure removal of products of combustion where necessary.
  • Check satisfactory operation of all the flame failure and safety devices.
  • Refit boiler case casing paying special attention to case seals etc.

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