Boiler Replacement

The Heating Industry states that the average lifetime of a Boiler is 12-15 years.  This means that at some time every Boiler will need to be replaced.

One of the advantages of installing a new highly efficient Gas Boiler is reduced fuel consumption, which would be reflected in lower gas bills.  As a bonus to this, increased efficiency means less waste, with carbon dioxide emissions being greatly reduced.

All Boilers manufactured for the UK market today are of the condensing type.  This improved technology means that in general, a modern condensing Boiler is approximately 30% more efficient than an old, non-condensing type.

Improvements with Gas Boiler design and technology means that many new boilers come complete with a comprehensive manufacturer’s warranty (in some cases up to 10 years) giving great peace of mind.

A1 Boilers is an independent company which means we are pleased to always be able to offer the best advice on the most suitable replacement Boiler to suit your needs.  As a matter of course, we would also recommend any improvements or suitable updates to your Central Heating System as a whole, which could further enhance overall energy efficiency and convenience of use.  Any advice offered or recommendations made would always be provided, taking into account your budget and any individual requirements.


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